Best Things To Do In The Bahamas

With 700 islands, and thousands of beaches with pink and white sand, The Bahamas is one of the most interesting places in the world. There are historic attractions and bustling marketplaces in Nassau and Freeport. The Bahamian idea of vacation perfection might involve anything from a beach chair and tropical drinks, underwater exploration, up-close encounters with native critters, or adrenaline-inducing activities.

Shop at the Nassau Straw Market -David Castain Destinations

1. Shop At The Straw Market, Nassau

Visiting straw markets in one of those things that are often suggested by guides, as it gives you a chance to pick up souvenirs for friends or family. For decades, straw markets have been a significant part of the history of many islands in the Caribbean, such as The Bahamas. The locals use their talented hands to braid, plait and weave straw into a variety of bags and souvenirs that they in turn sell at an affordable price. Feel free to practice your bargaining stills at the Nassau Straw Market. The market opens daily from 8:00 am until this same time at night and vendors accept USD.

Blue Lagoon Island - Swim With The Dolphins

2. Swim With The Dolphins, Blue Lagoon Island

The picturesque Blue Lagoon Island is located just offshore from Nassau and offers a Dolphin Encounters program that is hugely popular with visitors to The Bahamas. Following a short ride on a ferry, visitors get first-hand experience with the friendly bottlenose dolphins, that love to dance in and out of the water for pure entertainment. Visitors also get to play, hug and kiss the adorable creatures and take their memories home with them with fun pictures! Don’t be fooled if you go on a day that is overcast, the Dolphin Encounters will take place, in rain or sunshine and under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

HorsebackRiding Bahamas

3. Go Horseback Riding, Nassau

Horseback riding in the warm sun and cool breeze, along the white beaches of The Bahamas, must certainly be on your list of things to do in The Bahamas while on your vacation. Mature riders are in for a good time but the inexperienced need not worry; you can always take a lazy stroll on a horse as it struts along the marvelous beaches. Visit the Happy Trails Stables in Windsor Equestrian Centre, Nassau or the Pinetree Stables in Grand Bahama where you can ride to the beach and get into the water with your horse. Don’t forget your camera!

The Bahamian Rock Iguanas are an endangered species of Iguanas found in the Exuma islands.

4. Feed The Iguanas, Exuma

Bitter Guana Cay in the Exumas is home to scores of iguanas which contribute to the population of more than a thousand animals on the island. These harmless reptiles roam the island while enjoying the warm sun and the attention of the visitors who frequent their habitat. The 2 to 4-foot-long animals are indigenous to Bitter Guana Cay, where, coincidentally, part of the film, “Jurassic Park III: The Lost World” was filmed. Bitter Guana Cay can be accessed via a tour such as the Swimming with Pigs Tour that is exclusive to the Exumas.

Make Your Own Choclate - Bahamas

5. Make Personalized Chocolates, Nassau

The family owned Graycliff is an establishment with a rich history. The Graycliff’s chocolatier is where the dreams of chocoholics come true. At this location, you will learn how to make chocolate and will be able to go home with some afterwards. Another part of the tour offered by the Graycliff is a cigar rolling affair, where you can learn to roll your own cigars!

Swim With The Pigs - Bahamas

6. Swim With The Pigs, Exuma

You’ve probably heard about the swimming sigs of The Bahamas. What you may not have known is that the tour isn’t just an opportunity to swim with the wild pigs of Big Major Cay; it is a great way of experiencing all the Exumas have to offer. You can do this by way of the guided tour. The tour not only takes you to Big Major Cay, but to more than 70 other cays, including Iguana Island. The pigs of Big Major Cay can be seen frolicking in the water or snorting away happily on the sand, basking in the attention of the visitors nearby. Visiting the pigs in the early morning is ideal, before they have stuffed themselves full and begun to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Snorkel with the stingrays - Bahamas

7. Snorkel With The Stingrays, Blue Lagoon Island

This stingray sea adventure can be found at Blue Lagoon. Friendly stingrays are the center of attention, and snorkeling is a must if you want to have the full experience of this wonderful park. Before you even get into the water though, certified trainers will teach you about the nature and history of the stingrays, which will help you feel more at ease!

Sub - Bahamas

8. Submerge In A Submarine, Nassau

This submarine adventure is a thrilling and exciting one - the watercraft is much like a bike that you maneuver underwater. You will have plenty of oxygen supply and will be given head gear, but your lower body will become wet. This innovative experience allows you to see all the tropical fish and coral reefs in the waters of The Bahamas, while directed by a tour guide that is focused on your comfort and enjoyment.

Make Your Own Wine - Bahamas

9. Make Your Own Wine, Nassau

The winery located in what was once the oldest church in The Bahamas is generally unexpected when considering things to do in The Bahamas. This exquisite winery affords visitors a unique experience the opportunity to make their very own glass of wine at The Bahamas Barrels - one of the largest collections of wine on earth. It is here you can learn all about the wine making process, indulge in some wine tasting and eventually make a sample of your own for the road! This winery is open every day from 9-5 p.m., but it is closed on Christmas Day.


10. Dive With Sharks, Nassau

This shark dive involves two tanks, the first of which places you in a face to face encounter with one of the most formidable creatures known to man. You are not allowed to feed them during this time but to enjoy your dive as they swim freely around you. For the second dive, you will be kneeling in an arch while the dive master feeds them carefully using a long pole spear.

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