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Mobile apps are shaking up the travel industry by putting the world at our fingertips and information in the palm of our hand. As the new curators of tourism these digital tools enhance convenience and minimize complications in the landscape of travel. With over a million different apps, many aren’t worth the time they take to download. David has compiled a list of must-have apps to consider downloading before your next flight to ensure a smoother trip.

David Castain is an American travel influencer and entrepreneur who was recently featured in Forbes Under 30. He didn’t own a passport until his first year of graduate school and was terrified of planes. Yet, determined to see the world, David has now flown over 349 thousand miles, which is more than 14 times around the globe. He’s been to 36 countries on 192 flights at 69 airports, spending more than 925 hours airborne. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a Master’s degree from Georgetown University, and is pursuing his Ph.D. at Howard University. Ebony Magazine describes him as “single and sexy”, the Huffington Post calls him “a marketing maven” and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin says he is “the kind of person movies are made about”.

Having achieved the things he never deemed possible so early in life, David began to ask himself what he would do if money was no object. The answer was simple: travel. Once he tasted the cultures of the world he began to crave more flavors. He has charmed king cobras in Sri Lanka, laid with tigers in Thailand, driven tanks in Budapest, ran with wild kangaroos in Australia, trekked the jungles of Costa Rica, climbed the waterfalls of Hawaii, ridden camels across the deserts of Qatar and ostriches across the beaten paths of South Africa, played polo in Prague, meditated in South Korea, and watched sunsets in the Maldives. These are a few examples of his global exploits.

Traveling has helped David define his innate character and create experiences beyond the norm. Everyone has their own interpretation of what travel truly is. David believes that travel is an addiction, a drug that allows you to stimulate your mind and escape the everyday formalities of society. It releases a rush of dopamine that ignites curiosity, excitement, and desire as you embark upon the experience of a lifetime and face the unknown.

There will always be an excuse not to travel, and there will never be a perfect time to chase your dreams. For those raised in underprivileged environments like David, travelling is not a reality due to lack of finance. While trotting the globe can be extremely expensive, it doesn’t have to be. With the proper guidance, planning and leveraging of resources it can become anyone’s reality. David believes that you should measure yourself by the amount of people who measure themselves by you. His goal is not to be famous but virtuous, and hopes that others can see themselves in his experiences. Therefore, he created this platform to provide insight and preparation for your very own exhilarating adventures to the most interesting and exotic countries throughout the world.

David was raised in a single parent household in the rural community of Los Angeles County, California. He grew up in government housing watching his mother struggle to make ends meet. After being kicked out of multiple high schools for lack of performance, hanging in the wrong circles led to incarceration. David thought going to jail had cost him his dreams, but when a second chance came his way he vowed never again to jeopardize his future.

David began throwing parties while in college, branding himself as an event specialist. He subsequently became a trendsetter in the world of entertainment after being dubbed “one of the country’s best promoters” by The Washington Times. Using the momentum created from these events, he launched David Castain & Associates, a firm designed to address all issues involved in the growth of a business including marketing, strategy, and economic competitiveness.

Committed to giving back to the community, he also founded the David Castain Foundation, a nonprofit organization geared towards changing the future of youth who may not otherwise possess the necessary tools and resources to achieve success.

His accomplishments, both educational entrepreneurial, have led to much recognition, including large social media platforms, and a vast fan base. His content often goes viral and his platforms have catapulted his personal brand resulting in many speaking engagements, red carpet appearances, and professional opportunities.

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