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Best Photo Options In The Bahamas

Australia is a photographer’s dream. The country doesn’t fall short of iconic landmarks and pit stops that entice photo enthusiasts from across the globe. The country is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, alongside hidden gems located in Australia’s less visited but equally stunning locations. But in order to capture all the beauty that Australia has to offer, you want to make sure you’re equipped with the right toolset.  

Nurse Sharks - Bahamas

1. Compass Cay, Exumas

One of the most well-sought out photos is with nurse sharks is located within a small chain of islands in the Bahamas known as the Exumas. The tropical waters of Compass Cay hold a number of sharks that the islanders consider welcome guests. At Compass Cay, touching a shark is an everyday thing. The nurse sharks make an interesting sound and will squeal when they play. You’ll also notice their skin feels like sandpaper when they bump up against you.



SS Sapona - bahamas

2. The S.S. Sapona, Nassau

The S.S. Sapona is a shipwreck 4 miles South of Bimini. It ran aground during a hurricane in the 1920’s and has been there ever since. It’s a popular spot for divers and snorkelers alike. And if you’re brave enough, you can climb to the top and jump off. Just note, the only way to see it is by boat, but there’s tours available from Bimini.

Queen's Staircase - bahamas

Queen's Staircase, Nassau

The Queen’s Staircase site is one of the most historical landmarks in Nassau. The 66 steps were carved out of solid limestone rock by African slaves in the Bahamas in the 1790s and later renamed to honour Queen Victoria. The staircase leads to Fort Fincastle, one of the largest forts in Nassau built in 1793. The site is a popular spot, among tourists, for learning about the history of the Bahamas and taking impressive photos.

Stingray City - bahamas

4. Stingray City, Berry Islands

Stingray City is ideal for those who want to experience real adventure while in the Bahamas. The excursion is located in the Great Harbour Cay on the Berry Islands. The tours will take you to the clear waters of Stingray City where the guides will show you how to feed, pet and play with the Bahamian southern rays. You can also go snorkeling and swim with the stunning sea creatures.

The Swimming Pigs - bahamas

5. The Swimming Pigs, Exuma

Pigs may never fly, but they can certainly swim. Capture this comical sight on Big Majors Cay in Exuma. Also known, appropriately, as Pig Beach, this tiny uninhabited island is the perfect place to photograph a quirky slice of island life. These friendly transplanted pigs welcome handouts from boaters as they bob in the shallows, swimming out to greet you like a pack of friendly dogs.

Versailles Garden - bahamas

6. Versailles Gardens, Nassau

The "Versailles Gardens" on Paradise Island comprise a charming lush multi-terraced landscape set in a rectangular design which is about 75 feet wide. Find this gem on a 15-minute drive from Nassau's historic city center.

Jaws Beach - David Castain Destinations

7. Jaws Beach, Nassau

Re-enact the final scene from the classic film Jaws at the Nassau spot where it was shot. A selfie here is sure to make you the envy of everyone back home.

Coco Plum Beach - David Castain Destinations

8. Coco Plum Beach, Exumas

Coco Plum Beach is an idyllic strip of pristine beach in the Exumas. With its long swathes of unspoiled white sand lapped by crystalline water, Coco Plum Beach is a haven of beauty and the perfect spot for a picture. Just off shore, the famous wooden swings of the Bahamas rise up from the shallows. Take a seat, snap some pics and watch the like stream in.

Tiger Beach - David Castain Destinations

9. Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama Island

Trained divers in the mood for a walk on the wild side should head to Tiger Beach, a famous underwater haven for a variety of different shark species. This shallow reef is one of the few places in the world where it's considered safe to dive with sharks in the wild. Be sure to dive with trained instructors, who have a wealth of experience interpreting the sharks' behavior and will help ensure the experience is safe and smooth sailing. While you're down, be sure to snap a picture of yourself alongside your new finned friends.

Chat N Chill - David Castain Destinations

10. Chat N Chill, Exumas

This little shack on the beach is a lovely place to stop off and spend an afternoon relaxing. A hammock offers a serene spot for an afternoon snooze, while a rope swing provides yet another fantastic shot for Instagram. The beach is also home to crystal-clear water and a large population of manta rays. After a refreshing cocktail, be sure to paddle in the shallows and stroke them as they glide along close to the surface.

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