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Best Photo Options In Bermuda

Undoubtedly, Bermuda is one of the most beautiful places in the world and an Instagram-worthy location. Among the coves, coasts, lush greenery and bustling streets that dot our shores, there are endless opportunities for the perfect snap and here are some spots that you might not already know about but should.


1. Hamilton Princess Hotel And Beach Club, Bermuda

The Hamilton Princess Hotel is an iconic millennial pink. The perfect color to pop against the swaying, green palms and the bright sky blue. We had a blast finding tucked away corners to shoot portraits against the pastel pink facade of the hotel! Be sure to sip on some wine or enjoy a luxurious tea here in between beaching, sunning and exploring this beautiful island nation.

Jobson Cove Beach - Bermuda

2. Jobson Cove Beach, Bermuda

Encircling limestone cliffs create a secluded cove at Jobson Cove on the south shore in Warwick Parish. This turquoise-colored lagoon is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and kids will especially enjoy the ease with which they can spot tropical fish.

Crystal Caves - Bermuda

3. Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Stepping into the cave system in Bermuda is a magical experience, where breathtaking, illuminated limestone stalactites and stalagmites provide perfect frames for your photographs. Pontoon pathways lead you over an aqua-green, ocean-fed lake as you discover underground wonders.


4. St. Peter's Church, Bermuda

Located in St. George's, St. Peter's Church is the oldest Anglican Church that's been in continuous use. Built in 1612, it has been carefully restored and improved over the years and is open to the public for a small donation.

Horseshoe Bay Beach - Bermuda

5. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

The bright-pink-sand Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of Bermuda's main attractions, drawing scores of tourists during the peak summer season. The best time to enjoy this stretch of beauty on the south shore is at sunrise, when you are likely to be among few beachgoers.


6. Candy-Colored Ice Cream Shop, Bermuda

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the ice cream at Bailey’s tastes like since it's always closed. And it says it’s famous, so maybe it’s famous. It’s also so typical of the pastel homes with white roofs that make Bermuda Bermuda, and it’s kind of an Instagram win.


7. Vist An Art Wall, Bermuda

Snapping Insta pics in front of giant murals has become such a draw that it’s like "If you paint it, they will come".This one I really liked, for one because it’s really bright and beautiful. But more than that, it was painted by a young Bermudian artist named Alshante Foggo. This piece is called “Flourish Your Mind” and you can find it at Victoria Park in Hamilton.


8. Hidden Beach, Bermuda

The turning off to the beach is opposite The Royal Bermuda Regiment, drive all the way to the bottom and you’ll see a car park. Once parked, walk to the gate by the dirt track. Keep walking until you see the beach on the left. You’ll need to climb some rocks to get down.


9. Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

Tobacco Bay is in St Catherine’s, you have to drive past St George’s to get there. Tobacco bay is definitely one of the most popular beaches on the island as it’s very good for snorkeling. I just loved how the rocks were so defined here and there were dozens of photo opportunities.

Abbots Cliff - Bermuda

10. Abbot's Cliff, Bermuda

Located in the East End, Abbot’s Cliff sits high above Harrington Sound, giving its visitors a vantage point unmatched by (some might even say) the lighthouse. Choose a good day, when the sun is shining and the wind is non-existent and take in the views of Abbot’s Cliff for yourself – we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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