Best Things To Do In Bermuda

Bermuda is just a few-hour flight from the U.S. East Coast, but once you touch down, you’ll find a world like no other. Bermuda offers an unrivaled mix of history, culture and nature. Whether your ideal getaway includes lounging on breathtaking beaches, snorkeling among vibrant reefs rich with marine life, indulging in luxurious spa treatments, or adventures on land or water, you’ll want to get lost in Bermuda.

Dolphin Quest - Bermuda

1. Swim With The Dolphins, Bermuda

Another interesting place to visit in the cruise port area is the Dolphin Quest center. Have an encounter with the friendly dolphins as you play, pet and learn about marine conservation in their walled lagoon. It’s also a great place for kids, and children from age 3 and above can enjoy an up-close experience with the mammals. As an adult, you can have a better deep-water experience with the dolphins out at sea with an excursion package.

Explore Cyrstal And Fantasy Caves - Bermuda

2. Explore Crystal And Fantasy Caves, Bermuda

Away from it all, you can explore the underground world at Bermuda’s largest cave systems. Starting the adventure in a beautiful lush tropical garden lined with swaying palms. You can choose to go to either the Crystal or Fantasy Caves. Here you will see stunning stalagmite and limestone icicle formations soaring in the ceilings of the cave.

These stunning attractions were formed by dripping limestone over a long period. Walk on the floating bridge that gives you a peek into the water beneath the caves. Which are crystal clear and show even more rock formations. It’s an amazing experience for all family members that you shouldn’t miss.

Go Cliff Jumping - Bermuda

3. Go Cliff Jumping, Northshore of Hamilton

Cliff jumping is another epic thing to do in Bermuda. Due to the nature of the islands rugged coastlines, many rock formations form cliffs that drop into the sea. There are many popular cliff jumping spots starting at Horseshoe Bay’s crown and launching pad. One of the most popular jumping spots is found at Admiralty park in the Northshore of Hamilton and is known as Canon.

Diving from bridges is also common at the Watford and Flatts bridges in Hamilton. However, cliff diving is extremely dangerous, and divers are advised to take precautions and always swim in the spot first to check that the necessary conditions are available. Never dive in low tides. Check with the Bermuda tourism center for more information.

Grab A Twizy - Bermuda

4. Hit The Island In A Twizy, Bermuda

Bermuda is well known for its moped culture, but now there’s a fun new way for visitors to explore the island: By renting a Twizy. Standing for “twin” and “easy,” the two-seater electric Twizy is designed by Renault’s Formula One racing team and can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. But don’t worry if you plan to cruise all day — you can power up at your hotel or various “Oasis Points” around the island. This compact, zero-emissions vehicle is designed to be safe and easy to handle. Plus, it’s super cute!

Explore Bermuda By Boat - Bermuda

5. Explore The Island By Boat, Bermuda

Sailing is Bermuda’s number one activity after all the island was formed by sailors of the olden ages. The island was originally inhabited by shipwreck survivors only. There is a side of Bermuda that can only be explored by boat.

Charter a boat and go on a site-seeing tour of the island, or sail to uninhabited islands in the country. All in all, boat trips are completely relaxational and lots of fun and the best way to enjoy Bermuda.

For most water-related shore excursions water shoes are a must. Find them here.

Go Wild At Awesome Animal Attractions - Bermuda

6. Go Wild In Bermuda, Flatts Village

One of the island’s top family-friendly attractions is the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) located in Flatts Village, where you can get up-close-and-personal with playful seals, fascinating sharks, and many other creatures housed in naturalistic habitats. 

For more aquatic action, pay a visit to the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), a 40,000-square-foot science center. The simulated dive experience takes you 1,200 feet below the surface of the sea, where you’ll encounter whales, sharks, and more.

Craft a Custom Scent, St. George’s - Bermuda

7. Craft A Custom Scent, St. George’s

The historic City of St. George—a UNESCO world heritage site that was settled in 1692 - is one of the island’s crown jewels and the oldest English settlement in the island chain. Among the town’s many historic sites is Lili Bermuda, an old-world perfumery where each bottle sold is still filled by hand. Swing by to craft a custom scent with the help of the head perfumer.

Parasailing 2 - Bermuda

8. Parasail Over The Turquoise Waters, Bermuda

If you want to see Bermuda from the sky, parasailing is definitely an activity you cannot miss during a trip. It is both thrilling and relaxing. To view Bermuda’s water from sea level or on top of a cliff is wonderful, but to see the turquoise water from 500ft. above water is truly a spectacular site to see. The best company to book with is KS Watersports

Spa In A Cave - Bermuda

9. Unwind At A Cave Spa, Grotto Bay Beach Resort

As previously noted, Bermuda is home to some magically beautiful caves. But did you know that you can get pampered in one? The rustic at Natura Spa Grotto Bay Beach Resort offers signature spa treatments inside the property’s natural Serenity Cave, which was discovered in 1609. Imagine getting a relaxing massage while gazing down into the cave’s mesmerizing sapphire mineral waters. This truly one of a kind experience invites you to connect with nature while recharging your spirit.

Hartleys - Bermuda

10. Take A Walk Under The Sea, Bermuda

Somewhere between scuba diving and snorkeling, there’s helmet diving: a strange hybrid of the two that originated in Bermuda and has since been replicated on other tropical islands—at least, that’s according to Hartley's Undersea Walk , the main helmet diving operator on the island. How it works is this: You don a heavy helmet, equipped with a hose piping in fresh air, descend a ladder roughly 10 feet underwater, and walk around on the ocean floor, browsing the various curious fish who arrive to bid good day.

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